The Solitary Funeral

Each year in Amsterdam around fifteen people die alone, without a single person to bid them farewell. In November 2002 the poet F. Starik inaugurated the Solitary Funeral.*

F. Starik gathered a group of fellow poets and called them: the Circle for the dead. Poets who would write a poem especially for the solitary deceased and recite it during these silent funerals, before the coffin was laid to rest.
* Inspired by the poet Bart FM Droog

Since 2012 Bianca Sistermans and Hester van Hasselt (text) work on a project about the solitary funeral, Hier besta ik. In september 2017 the book Hier besta ik, in eenzaamheid gestorven will be published by Querido Publishers. September 21 the exhibition Hier besta ik will open at the Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover.