The work of the photographer Bianca Sistermans (1969) springs from a sense of wonder at how we have shaped reality, and how we subsequently move around in it every day. With portraits and still lifes, with people and objects, with all that which surrounds us all the days of our life Sistermans makes visible ‘the chinks of reality’.

In Sistermans’ work, photograph and literature constantly merge. An interwovenness that finds expression in all sorts of ways: from writer’s portraits to the entering into close collaborations with writers, and projects in which her photos are the point of departure for other narratives. This means that nearly every project results in an exhibition and a publication. These two manifestations offter their own distinctive experiences: a physical and a more intimate one where there is more space for language.

Sistermans gained a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Visual Art St Joost in Breda. Her work has been shown during Art Rotterdam, BredaPhoto, in De Vishal, de Nieuwe Vide and on several occasions at Cokkie Snoei. Publications of her projects have appeared in Volkskrant Magazine, GEO Wissen, De Standaard,  Trouw, NRC, Awater, Poëziekrant and Het Parool. Books have also been published by publishing house Querido, Vleugels, AFdH and she has also published various small books independently.