○ Coen Simon
○ Eva Gerlach
○ K. Schippers
○ Hester van Hasselt
○ Eva Gerlach en Sasja Janssen
○ Bernke Klein Zandvoort

Things plainly human
What characterizes us is so common that we almost overlook it. Writer and philosopher Coen Simon and Bianca Sistermans look again.

Myrphy is lurking
Together with poet Eva Gerlach, I was artist-in-residence at the University of Twente for two weeks. We were given free access to the biomedical and chemical laboratories. This gave rise to the series, Murphy is lurking, 15 poems, 14 photos, a publication by Vleugels publishers and an exhibition at the University of Twente.

Everyday Annoyances and the Baby seahorse
New work from the series: Everyday Annoyances
Portfolio in collaboration with poet K. Schippers

Een mogelijk begin van veel, 29 dichters aan het werk.
A new book in collaboration Hester van Hasselt

In Here is where I exist, Ink Men and The Art of Writing, based on a divided love between language and poetry Bianca Sistermans and the writer Hester van Hasselt are working on long-term projects. Although text and image are always both involved, the projects have different appearances. Sometimes they are autonomous publications in newspapers and periodicals, such as the series Ink Men and The Art of Writing. At other times, it can be a comprehensive project such as Here is where I exist | Died completely alone, where a series of photos and texts resulted in a book, exhibition and public programme. Sistermans and Van Hasselt also publish small books independently.

Everyday Annoyances
Resulting from immediate clicking with the series Everyday Annoyances, Eva Gerlach wrote new poems and a consideration based on the photos. Sasja Janssen also did new work based on this series as her point of departure. All the material resulting from this was brought together in the book of the same name, published by AFdH uitgevers. Eva Gerlach’s consideration was published in precisely a slightly different form, along with three photographs.

When Bernke Klein Zandvoort saw people yawning through the eyes of Sistermans, her thoughts went in all directions. At present, she is working on an essay based on the photographs.