Everyday Annoyances and the Baby Seahorse


○ New work from the series: Everyday Annoyances
○ Portfolio in collaboration with poet K. Schippers

Unhinged, frayed and defiled: Bianca Sistermans new photographs of unruly objects trigger conflicting emotions. At first glance, they are deeply funny in an anarchical manner. Things in resistance, refusing to do their assigned jobs properly. But underneath the comical, there is an almost tender quality to the way the artist portrays these rejects of consumer society. Behind every failure, there is a deeply personal story: a Christmas ornament clumsily dropped, a botched tile job, the careless handling of an electrical iron. Sistermans images do not merely document the pitfalls of everyday life, but rather transform them into powerful metaphors of the human condition, the fragility and transience of all materiality. Within a culture that is quick to replace everything deemed outdated, impractical or simply ugly, there is a sense of dignity in the stubborn perseverance of futility.

Diana Weis