Everyday Annoyances


○ Series of still lifes, 2012 to the present day
○ Book, AFdH uitgevers, 2015
○ Work from this series has appeared in, Volkskrant Magazine, Trouw, Geo Wissen (Germany)
○ Exhibitions, Cokkie Snoei, 2014 and 2016, De Vishal, BredaPhoto

Everyday Annoyances is a series of still lifes that lays bare things we think around – the ‘sometime or other’, the ‘as yet’. It is a series of photographs about imperfection, about things surrounding us in our everyday lives that are unfinished, fragile and transient. The subject is a universal and inexhaustible one. The question of how we live and live together with things, and the simultaneity of life is a source of constant fascination to Sistermans. Besides that, she is fascinated by the importance, the presence and the expressive power of ‘things’.