Alledaagse ergernissen


The futility of everyday life, boundless and highly specific irritations, the urge to manage everything (in the minutest detail). With a casual tenderness, photographer Bianca Sistermans reveals the great beauty of these tiny annoyances in such works as ‘sole survivor’, ‘ambush!’, ‘lipstuck’, ‘tacky traces’ and ‘stowaways’.

In 2014 this long-running project culminated in a solo exhibition at Cokkie Snoei. Sistermans’ pictures were also the inspiration for new work by the Dutch poets, Sasja Janssen and Eva Gerlach. In 2015 the book ‘Alledaagse ergernissen’ a photo and poetry book about these everyday annoyances was published by AFdH Publishers. In 2016 Everyday Annoyances was exhibited at the International Photo Festival BredaPhoto.
Sistermans:’There is a continuing trigger to make new work.’ Until today the series Everyday Annoyances is growing.

Works are available as c-print/dibond (20/5) 16,5 x 24,7 cm/29,7 x 44 cm this is a selection the whole series consist 51 images. For more information you can contact: Cokkie Snoei