Writer’s portraits

○ Portraits of writers, 2011 to the present day
○ Publications o.a. in NRC, De Standaard, Trouw, Knack, De Volkskrant, Poëziekrant, Awater and Het Parool

A writer writes himself out of his work, yet remains invisibly present in it. Writer’s portraits push the person behind the work to the fore. Sisterman’s portraits arise from a meeting, from a conversation, from painstaking study. In her photos she is in search of an openness that can also signify a retiring nature, the moment that someone arrives at his or her own space. Photos where room is left for the writer’s world of thoughts, for quietness, for the imagination of the observer.

Sistermans makes her portraits on her own initiative, or if asked to do so by a writer. She also works if commissioned by publishers, newspapers or periodicals.

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